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As a healthcare professional, you know the importance of sterility and efficiency in the operating room. Every step, from draping the patient to positioning them for surgery, needs to be precise and seamless. That's where the Steri-Lift system comes in.

This innovative sterile draping system is not just another pretty face in the crowded surgical supply market. It's a game-changer, designed to address the very real challenges you face every day.

The Problem: A Balancing Act

Draping a patient for surgery is a delicate dance. You need to create a sterile barrier while also ensuring proper positioning and access for the surgical team.

Traditional draping methods often fall short:

***Time-consuming: Fumbling with drapes and trying to maintain sterility can eat into valuable OR time.

***Cumbersome: Traditional drapes can be bulky and difficult to maneuver, limiting access and visibility for the surgeon.

***Infection risk: Maintaining sterility during draping can be challenging, especially with complex procedures.

The Steri-Lift Solution:

The Steri-Lift system takes a revolutionary approach to surgical draping for Overhead and Floor-based patient lifts. It's a two-in-one system that combines a sterile drape with a strong woven sling:

***Sterile drape: Fluid-impermeable and tear-resistant providing a secure barrier against contamination.

***Polypropylene sling: this durable sling supports up to 1,000 lbs allowing for safe and secure patient positioning.

Benefits for Healthcare Providers:

Here's how the Steri-Lift system can make your life in the OR easier and safer for patients and providers:

***Reduced draping time: Say goodbye to lengthy draping procedures. The Steri-Lift system can be set up in minutes, thanks to its simple and intuitive design.

***Improved access and visibility: The sling design provides excellent access to the surgical site while still maintaining limb support AND doubling a sterile field. No more wrestling with bulky drapes while trying to move the limb into position or at a different angle during a procedure.

***Enhanced safety: The Steri-Lift's secure draping and patient support system minimizes the risk of infection and injury for both patients and providers.

***Increased efficiency: Faster draping , easier positioning, and reduced risk of complications all contribute to a smoother, more efficient OR workflow.

Beyond Draping: Versatility in Action:

The Steri-Lift's versatility extends beyond general surgical draping. It's ideal for a variety of procedures, including:

***Orthopedic surgery: the drape over the floor-based or overhead lift assures sterility of the machine while the sterile sling provides stable support for limbs during bone and joint procedures.

***Podiatry surgery: Easy access to the foot and ankle in a supported and secure position that can be adjusted at any time during the procedure.

***Arm and shoulder surgery: The Steri-Lift's adjustable sling provides the perfect support for various arm and shoulder procedures.

The Steri-Lift's impact extends far beyond the operating room environment, proving its mettle in the dynamic environment of Intensive Care Units (ICUs) or Pre-operative areas. Here, it shines in delicate procedures such as sterile line placements, and assisting Anesthesia where a limb can be elevated and the provider with one finger can while supporting the whole leg swing it to the left or right exposing the area for line placement. Game changer, no more having to manhandle a patient's leg to obtain proper exposure while maintaining the disinfected groin or leg for line placement. Wound care whether done in the OR, clinic or patient ward can be a snap with a fully supported limb while maintaining a sterile field or disinfected area of skin or tissue.

Bottom line the Steri-Lift system not only reduces the risk of contamination but minimizes the strain on the healthcare provider, preventing fatigue and potential musculoskeletal injury to patients and staff alike. It's an extra pair of hands, a tireless assistant, a guardian of sterility and safety.

Sterile Revolution in Your Hands:

The Steri-Lift is more than just a product; it's a philosophy. It's about prioritizing sterility, efficiency, and safety in the OR. It's about empowering healthcare providers to focus on what they do best: providing exceptional care to their patients.

Ready to experience the Steri-Lift difference?

Join the Steri-Lift movement and experience the future of surgical draping.


Steri-Lift kit overhead drape and sling

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