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Founded in 1984, L.A.D. Medical Innovations has specialized expertise in manufacturing antimicrobial materials and non-permeable materials.  

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Steri-lift Kit

OR Sterile Solutions & More

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Conceptualization & Invention

The  Inventor

Kurk Rogers

United States Veterans Administration. 

Director of Safe Patient Handling and 28 year veteran of the United States Navy Corps, retiring with the rank of Commander; Joined the VA San Diego Healthcare System in April 2009 and served as the Safe Patient Handling Facilitator for Nursing Service; Holds Degree in Nursing from the University of Louisiana and a Masters Degree in Business and Technology from the University of Phoenix.


The idea was conceptualized by this VA nurse with over 30 years experience in the OR.  As he and his fellow nurses conducted more surgeries in the OR, they started sustaining back injuries and      micro-fractures causing musculoskeletal disorder from manual lifting, transferring, and repositioning of patients.

The Result

With awareness to Safe Patient Handling Management, and injury prevention becoming more prominent and no solution in sight to limit the manual lifting of no more than 35 lbs. in the OR; this VA Nurse introduced the idea to bring STERILE mechanical FLOOR based, OVERHEAD mobile or stationary OVERHEAD lifts into the OR by utilizing a Drape in order to maintain the sterile environment. This is when the Sterile-Lift Kit was born, creating a way to LEAVE THE HEAVY LIFTING


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A Great Solution for Patients and Staff

Prevents Staff and Patient Injuries
Enhances Staff and Patient Safety
Preserves & Promotes the Sterile Environment
End Unpredictable Movements of Patients
Supports the limb or body Weight of Patients
Allows Staff to Work Longer
Require Less Staff Presence in the OR
Eliminates Manual Lifting

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Steri-Lift Kits

Floor Based and Overhead

lift with drape and sling_edited_edited.

Floor Based 

The two United States Veterans Administration patented products enable the use of most floor-based lifts to support the weight of patients during limb prep and surgical procedures rather than manual lifting by medical providers. The drapes may be used in other settings to provide superior coverage of equipment.

       For instance, covering lift units for storage , portable                            X-ray machines or quick response to patients in need in                     non-sterile settings.  Burn units have also shown interest.                    in this usage.

Overhead fixed or Overhead mobile

The overhead draping of the lift along with the sling allow the surgical team to utilize overhead lifts in the OR for many surgeries in a controlled and safe manner. Using a drape and full body sling, a patient can be repositioned with ease.  NIOSH, OSHA and SPHM support the implementation of this system.

Overhead lift drape simulation pic.png
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Steri-Lift Kit Uses

  • STERILE USES:   Orthopedic, Podiatry, Pannus ReductionArm and Shoulder Procedures

Limb anesthetic blocks allowing Anesthesia provider's greater flexibility

during nerve blocks with manual lifting and manipulation by the medical provider

while maintaining asepsis / sterility of block insertion site

  • NON-STERILE USES:  Preoperative limb preparation in hold areas

( non sterile sling and lift )

providing a stable platform for support of limbs without any manual  lifting



Wound Care

Burn Units

Maintenance of Lifts

inuse 2 copy.png

Steri-Lift Kit

Sterile Drape and Sling

Steri-lift jpeg clean.jpg

The Sensible Solution​

Floor lift 2.jpg



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Steri-Lift Step By Step

Kurk Rogers explains the step by step application instructions

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                        Introducing the Steri-lift Kit for Overhead Lifts in the Operating Room

L.A.D. Medical has continued its innovation of the Steri-Lift Kit by developing an overhead version that offers a much smaller footprint in the OR setting. The video shown here demonstrates the usage for orthopedic prep and more. Please check back soon to see the NEW MOBILE OVERHEAD LIFT Steri-Lift kit  solution.

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Floor Based use for Covid 19 application

This instructional video demonstrates the application of the floor based Steri-Lift Kit for infection control situations like Covid-19 and beyond.

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Our Mission Statement

                    "Strive to Save Just One Life"

fMorApparel  is comprised of individuals that  strive to provide the very best products for our healthcare providers today. Products that enhance the lives within our communities in which we work and live throughout the World. Promoting  that God, Family and Service to Humanity are the most important aspects of life.

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Women's Lab Coats
Silpure  Antimicrobial Testing
Strike Through Resistant
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Chemours Stain Resistance
Comfortable Fabrics
The New Age Fiber
Green Fiber Technology
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The Importance of Morluv

Our garments are constructed with the unique combination of antimicrobial properties married with strike through resistant teflon. Together these elements help to protect healthcare professionals and patients.

Each year close to 2 million patients become infected in hospital and clinical settings. Some of those infection rates are due to germs, bacteria and viruses that are potentially spread between patients by the nurses and doctors.

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Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Davis

30 plus years of creating superior products that fill the need in many different businesses, L.A.D. Medical Innovations,LLC, President, Chris Davis is now focused on creating medical products that are life changing and life saving.  

His strengths include experience in sourcing from overseas manufacturers, expertise in, among other things, protective materials, especially those with non-permeable and antimicrobial properties. 

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Get in Touch

L.A.D. Medical Innovations, LLC 

6611 W.  62nd ST., 

Mission, KS, 66202

1-855-618-5888 or 913-768-0888

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